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Lucius the Tactician - Raven - Shadow Army by Mockradrake Lucius the Tactician - Raven - Shadow Army by Mockradrake

Basic Information:

:new: Woop! Ref update! :new:

Flattened Hood
(he doesnt do this often other than when he is exausted or sleeping - he likes to be inimidating)

Lucius the Tactician
 It may be best just to use his name or address him as "Sir"
If you call him Lucy I think he'd probably eat you, well, unless your the Queen of course...
Male (What is he even a Druck, a Burake???)

Anomalous Equine
25% Austerian, 75% Scybilline
Birth Season:
Spring, Year 1985 of the New Generation
Eye Color:
Silica Blue
Medium Build
Cremello (Tiger Carrier)
-Bioluminescent Scales
-Omnivorous Digestive 

Chosen Mutations:
-Branching Tines
-Snake Hood
-Modified Limbs (Front Legs)
-Lizard Claws
-Snake Tail

Herd Information:

Shadow Army | Yacare Mire & Auster Wood
Herd Rank:

Ravens (5+ Years Old):
The Ravens are, perhaps, one of the most important parts of the Army.  Known to be the most magically advanced of all the ranks, Ravens are the Queen's secret weapon!  While Psychic magic strains are the most coveted - with Ghoul being prized for its ability to harness the power of the vengeful spirits of the Mire - anyone who has advanced their magical prowess gains one of the highest honors known in the Army - to be named one of the Raven Queen's Ravens!  Ravens often work closely with Witches, since they can create potions that temporarily boost their power!

Current Location: 
Anywhere in Shadow Army Territory

Personal Information:

 - Open
 - Open




Proud | Thoughtful | Advertent | Snarky | Dyed-in-the-wool | Sly | Obdurate

This Mireling will always be seen with head held high and sure footing, he has no sense of self doubt whatsoever. He is one to thoroughly think over everything he does to ensure the outcome is nearly always in his favor, luckily he shares some interests with his Queen. Lucius is a truly careful creature, never one to jump headlong into situations he finds wasteful or impossible.

He also has a knack for leaving you with biting comments whether he likes you or not. He finds it quite amusing to fluster and toy with others.

Lucius is as loyal to Enebris as any good Myerling should be, giving her all he can offer, that is if she asks it of him. He is quite set in his ways. 

The only way to break his resolve is through his own failure.


This Mireling was born within the Shadow Army, his mother a pilfered Femme forced to reproduce for the sake of increasing their ranks. A lucky hatch indeed, being in the Scyb bloodline as well as a crossbred.

Lucius' sire took full charge of him soon after, adamant on subjecting him to training, albeit his odd leg structure making things a bit different for him, and later have his foal join him as a Raven within the Queen's ranks. He grew quickly and learned quicker, his first lesson watching as the herd weeded out the traitors, the elderly, and the useless members of their ranks. The foal grew fearful of failure and tempered himself to elude its grasp at all costs. He had to make his worth known if he were to survive here. That much was apparent. 

As the years wore on Lucius grew into a handsome, powerful, and willowy adolescent, complete with a brand new tine decorating his brow. And it was soon discovered this cremello beauty did indeed posses Psychic Magic, increasing his worth ten times over. This made his father, his herd, and he hoped his Queen as well, quite proud.

But his newfound magic came at a lofty cost, his mind suddenly plagued with an enormous flood of- of... voices? No that wasn't quite right- Needles? White hot pain splitting his skull every time he was in a crowd. The Young Mireling feared he was going mad, becoming denridden for weeks to seclude himself. His head pained him less when he was alone. Lucius feared that he had suddenly become a burden upon his herd. A word or phrase would repeat when others witnessed his crippling "migranes" ,as one healer had called them. "Lektor, lektor, lektor! Could he really be a- You think- Could he really?"

Soon he began to realize, with some careful questions on his part, these were their thoughts. Everything they subconsciously spoke was being funneled into his head an there was no way to stop it. He would just have to learn to grit his teeth and figure out how to ignore them, or he could just give up. The latter was not an option. 

He returned with renewed vigor and fought tooth and claw through the ranks, catching the eye of many high ranking Mirelings with his prowess and quickly grew to become one of its better known members.

With the later passing of his sire Lucius became truly independent, as he no longer knew the fate of his poor mother, her face faded in his memory. He surely wouldn't recognize the Scybbline Femme even if she stood before him. Nor would he likely ever know of any kin he had within the herd. Fortunately though, this was not a terrible blow to him as he had made many companions to uphold his spirits and push through. Loss would not tie him down. Whatever pain he withheld would fade just like his scars.

When the time came for Enebris to invade the Auster Wood and its borders, the task was taken with much precision and care, her hulking brutish army waiting on the most influential moment to make their presence known. His Queen was certainly a haughty, theatrical being to say the least. Leave it to her to make overthrowing the Austrians unconventionally convivial.

Skills & Talents:


If there were ever an endurance race across Anomalous, it would be more than likely that someone with the Fortitude ability would be the winner!  Those with this ability can travel the farthest distances without getting tired or fight the longest in battle.  It is particularly useful for anyone who travels great distances on the daily or those who fight for a living.
+15 Stamina Skill Cap (ie, 115 instead of 100; keep build caps in consideration!)

Magic Types:

Acroris Magic

Exclusively available to Moonblessed Scybillines, Acroris magic is named after the first Scybilline ever known to possess this form of magic - a Moonblessed stallion named Acror, who legend says could wield all of the forms of Psychic at will.  The only directly physical form of Psychic magic, Acroris magic is the ability to bend and wield psychic energy.  One of the most powerful and most physically demanding strains of Psychic magic on the caster, Acroris can be one of the most destructive forms of magic in Anomalous if it falls into the wrong pair of hooves...  A truly powerful Acroris caster has not been seen in centuries.

Magic Level:
4/100 [Crossbred Cap: 49 points max ]
Basic Level Casters can cast spells that can...
- Create sparks of Psychic energy.
- Sense the presence of living creatures nearby within 10 feet of caster.

Lektor Magic

Lektors are the mind-readers of Anomalous!  While it takes some time and practice for them to be able to shut off the constant barrage of thoughts from those nearby, tried and true mind readers make superb detectives!  At higher levels, Lektors can also act as illusionists capable of messing with the images an individual sees or possessors who have the unique ability to control the mind/actions of an individual!  

Magic Level:
7/100 [Crossbred Cap: 49 points max ]
Basic Level Casters can cast spells that can...
- Hear the thoughts of those nearby.  Unfortunately, they cannot shut it off!
- Often suffer intense migraines (it can get pretty noisy hearing all those voices!).

 12/75 [Age Cap: 49 - Build Cap: 75 Points max]

 10/90 [Age Cap: 49 - Build Cap 90 points max]

 15/75 [Age cap: 49 - Build Cap: 75 points max]

0/100 [Age Cap: 49 points max]

Acoris- 4/100 [Crossbred Cap: 49 points max]
Lektor- 7/100 [Crossbred Cap: 49 points max]
:bulletred:(Should they be leveled separately or together?):bulletred:

Points Breakdown

+5 agility - base bonus
+10 stamina - base bonus
+10 strength - base bonus
+4 agility - starter bonus
+5 strength - starter bonus
+11 magic - starter bonus
+3 agility -…

I was planning to add accessories & scars but my brain is fried, Im fighting against an emerging cold that wouldnt bother me except it has got into my ocular sinuses making my eyes hurt constantly, Im lethargic, and my neck hurts. So those will be updated later.

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